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Announcements / Re: Server Events
« Last post by Cruel on April 24, 2020, 11:58:02 pm »
Introductions / introduction: Bacon
« Last post by Bacon on April 11, 2020, 05:54:35 am »
hello every one,

i am Chris, from UK. i work for a media marketing company so if you see ads on TV, YouTube etc probably because of us haha sorry.

i left Runecape when EoC came out then started playing RSPS then stopped for few years but back now!. Normally I stick to one so i can grow in the community.

if you see me in game sure to say hi 🙂
Staff Applications / Staff Application: Bacon
« Last post by Bacon on April 10, 2020, 02:34:43 pm »
In-Game name: Bacon
Discord name and Forum name (If different then above): Bacon on Forum and LordShaxx#6359 on discord
Position Applying for:In-Game Moderator
Why you would be good in this role: I really want to prove my loyalty to the staff and the players. Also i can show that i can be a good candidate. I love to help players and i really enjoy the game.
I have hope for this server and i want to be the one helping the staff team to build the game from the start. Also i see my self that i can do this and make the server to a good place to be on.
Introductions / Alex's Introduction
« Last post by mralexwhite on April 06, 2020, 02:26:00 pm »
hi hello bonjour ola i am humanly named alex but you can call me your supreme overlord xD im 29 earth years but eternally legendary. i am from ashton-under-lyne a town in greater manchester, england. my name in game is mralexwhite, im fully on the grind! i have played many rsps's wether being a admin mod or just a regular player (obviously the best 1 lol) i currently do not work due to c-ptsd. i am also a youtuber not sure if i can plug my link here ? i live stream and create gaming videos. im always down to teach others from bossing to raids, im not sure what else to put here so chow! odious! xoxoxo
Announcements / Re: Update Log
« Last post by Cruel on March 28, 2020, 04:47:24 am »
-Referral system fix
-Well of goodwill raids bonus fix
-Well of goodwill item additions and price changes (for putting items into it)
-Scythe damage lowered
-Tbow damage increased
-Great olm fixed at raids
-Lobsters in ironman shop changed to noted
-Vesta/Stat and Sanguinesti Staff added to raids points shop
-Scythe changed to 2handed
-Raid roll bonuses changed to the following:
Bond active +1
Event active +1
Normal difficulty +1
Hard difficulty +2
Ring of Wealth +1
Ring of Wealth (i) +2
-Mystery box item fix
-Added ::task command for slayer
-Added safe pvp at fight caves. Rounds will occur every 6 hours and the winner will receive 1m+ gp, a couple mystery boxes, as well as a 1/5 chance at winning donator sticks. You also gain a prestige point for every 10 wins. This is currently in beta mode so please report if you find any glitches.
-Changed Ultimate Skilling to every 3 wins you get a prestige point
-Banker added to fishing spots near Pisc
-OSRS Lamp Fix
-OSRS XP Increased
-Raids bonus changed:
Ring of wealth and Ring of wealth (i) both grant +1 raid rolls
OSRS mode gets a +1 raid roll chance
-Bond bonus fixed so it also applies 10% xp boost to OSRS mode
-Donator ranks updated:
CONTRIBUTOR 2%, 60 seconds - $10
SPONSOR 5%, 45 seconds - $20
SUPPORTER 8%, 30 seconds - $30
DONATOR 12%, 15 seconds - $50
SUPER DONATOR 16%, 10 seconds - $75
EXTREME DONATOR 20%, No ::yell delay - $100
LEGENDARY Permanent Bravescape Membership (bonuses active without bond) - $200
UBER DONATOR ::bank command - $300
MAX DONATOR One Ultra Box per Month free - $500
-Added basic combat items to the donator store (Barrows, Whip etc)
-Added barrows item sets (Use them on bartender at home to redeem)
-Raids difficulty bonus fixed
-Fight cave teleport glitch fixed
-Fixed pest control notification
-Pest Control experience lowered
-Battlestaffs added to magic store
-Player helpers and above now receive access to the ::bank command using Control + B
-Melee combat experience slightly increased
-Added ::shops tele
-::coords tele fixed for mods as well
-Fight cave updates. It now displays not only the current round winner but a Bravescape champion with the most win total.
-Mining at donator zone resources increased
(Please note that these are all subject to change during Beta testing)
Announcements / Re: Update Log
« Last post by Cruel on March 23, 2020, 03:52:51 am »
Update Log 3/23
-Added mystery boxes and ultra boxes to slayer store
-Lowered Ultra boxes to 200 vote tickets
-Daily login fixed to go to your bank if your inventory is full
-Abyssal whip fixed to +82 slash and str. Frozen and Volcanic get +85
-Cosmetic fury upgrade now gives boosted stats
-Fishing & Cooking guide updated with Anglerfish level information
-Fixed well of goodwill message
-Dragonstone bolts (e), Karambwan and Anglerfish amount from raids common drops lowered
-Divine spirit shield added to Corporeal Beast drops
-Uncoded useless room at raids
-Added a 1/10 chance at getting 5 donator sticks upon completion of the Ultimate Skilling Challenge
-Changed how code works for entering Olm Room. Hopefully this will stop/cut down the wait time
-Fixed double spawning NPC's at raids
-Added bonus to Medium/Hard raids at end. Now if you raid on medium you get a +1 bonus and if you raid on hard you get a +2 bonus.
-Raid rolls changed to out of 100. Donator bonus changed to +2 and well of goodwill/server event bonus also changed to +3
-Avernic Defender lowered to 250k points in raid shop
-Added #market channel for selling items for server in discord. Dont forget you can also post on forums!
Guides / Bravescape Starter MiniGuide
« Last post by 0 on March 19, 2020, 07:22:51 pm »
New to the game? Don't know where to start? This mini guide will help you as a person who logged in for the first time.

First thing you want to do once you go though the tutorial is to ::refer (player's name) Example , ::refer cruelty
This already sets you up with an Ultra Box! Having a change to already get a rare items starting off , pretty cool right? You can also have your friends that you invite to refer you and you get 5 trading sticks that can be used in the donator shop , and 1 mystery box. 2 referrals can already get you free donator status in the game ! Your account is only limited to 5 referrals by the way. Now the next thing you want to know is where to get all the good items right? Even as a skiller you can get rare items easy ! you have 2 options that are really good as a beginner, Raids and Ultimate Skilling Game ! I will list the requirements you need to be able to play these 2 games. Raids are quicker and have a decent chance on getting good items , while the ultimate skilling game is guaranteed 2 rare items !

Raid: 75 Combat And At Least 43 Prayer

Ultimate Skilling Game:
43 Crafting
85 Mining
90 Smithing
82 Fishing
84 Cooking
80 Fletching
75 Thieving
75 Woodcutting
75 Firemaking


Announcements / Re: Server Events
« Last post by Cruel on March 14, 2020, 07:17:51 pm »
Oh no! The Corona Virus has been spotted in on our server!
What we know currently is that patient 0 has indeed been infected, and the disease transmits virally. That means the only way to stay clear is to completely quarantine yourself. There also may be a natural remedy available, however we aren't sure what that it yet without further testing. We do also know that wealthly players will be able to use ::cure to pay 5m and cure themselves of the virus.
Please note: There will not effect gameplay much, so enjoy the event and don't worry about staying clean/finding the cure ASAP. This is all for fun. On a serious note, Stay safe everyone, hopefully this can help provide some entertainment to those who are actually quarantining themselves.
Announcements / Re: Server Events
« Last post by Cruel on March 14, 2020, 12:10:08 am »
+1 raids rolls are currently activated for an undetermined amount of time. Will be posted on discord as well as here when it is stopped.

All members who are currently online will receive a free Mystery Box as well as 5m GP.
Announcements / Server Events
« Last post by Cruel on March 14, 2020, 12:09:10 am »
Server events will be posted below
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