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Introductions / Exile intro
« Last post by Exile on July 20, 2020, 11:53:42 am »

I'm Exile, I'm 25 years old and played and i'm a 718+ server developer. Also played alot servers in the past and had my own 718 server for 3 years in a row.
I'm from Hasselt, Belgium.
If there are any questions pls feel free to reply or contact me ingame.

Discussion / Loot from 250 Barrelchest
« Last post by Exile on July 19, 2020, 06:38:52 pm »
Dear friends,

First off all, i'm Exile and i'm starting a loot from 250 series.
To start with, i will begin with a loot from 250 barrelchest topic.
All my drops will be placed in a fresh alt account for the loot pictures. Also i will list the drops each kill with google spreadsheets.

Spreadsheet link

Still in progress.
Announcements / Re: Server Events
« Last post by Cruel on April 24, 2020, 11:58:02 pm »
Introductions / introduction: Bacon
« Last post by Bacon on April 11, 2020, 05:54:35 am »
hello every one,

i am Chris, from UK. i work for a media marketing company so if you see ads on TV, YouTube etc probably because of us haha sorry.

i left Runecape when EoC came out then started playing RSPS then stopped for few years but back now!. Normally I stick to one so i can grow in the community.

if you see me in game sure to say hi 🙂
Staff Applications / Staff Application: Bacon
« Last post by Bacon on April 10, 2020, 02:34:43 pm »
In-Game name: Bacon
Discord name and Forum name (If different then above): Bacon on Forum and LordShaxx#6359 on discord
Position Applying for:In-Game Moderator
Why you would be good in this role: I really want to prove my loyalty to the staff and the players. Also i can show that i can be a good candidate. I love to help players and i really enjoy the game.
I have hope for this server and i want to be the one helping the staff team to build the game from the start. Also i see my self that i can do this and make the server to a good place to be on.
Introductions / Alex's Introduction
« Last post by mralexwhite on April 06, 2020, 02:26:00 pm »
hi hello bonjour ola i am humanly named alex but you can call me your supreme overlord xD im 29 earth years but eternally legendary. i am from ashton-under-lyne a town in greater manchester, england. my name in game is mralexwhite, im fully on the grind! i have played many rsps's wether being a admin mod or just a regular player (obviously the best 1 lol) i currently do not work due to c-ptsd. i am also a youtuber not sure if i can plug my link here ? i live stream and create gaming videos. im always down to teach others from bossing to raids, im not sure what else to put here so chow! odious! xoxoxo
Announcements / Re: Update Log
« Last post by Cruel on March 28, 2020, 04:47:24 am »
-Referral system fix
-Well of goodwill raids bonus fix
-Well of goodwill item additions and price changes (for putting items into it)
-Scythe damage lowered
-Tbow damage increased
-Great olm fixed at raids
-Lobsters in ironman shop changed to noted
-Vesta/Stat and Sanguinesti Staff added to raids points shop
-Scythe changed to 2handed
-Raid roll bonuses changed to the following:
Bond active +1
Event active +1
Normal difficulty +1
Hard difficulty +2
Ring of Wealth +1
Ring of Wealth (i) +2
-Mystery box item fix
-Added ::task command for slayer
-Added safe pvp at fight caves. Rounds will occur every 6 hours and the winner will receive 1m+ gp, a couple mystery boxes, as well as a 1/5 chance at winning donator sticks. You also gain a prestige point for every 10 wins. This is currently in beta mode so please report if you find any glitches.
-Changed Ultimate Skilling to every 3 wins you get a prestige point
-Banker added to fishing spots near Pisc
-OSRS Lamp Fix
-OSRS XP Increased
-Raids bonus changed:
Ring of wealth and Ring of wealth (i) both grant +1 raid rolls
OSRS mode gets a +1 raid roll chance
-Bond bonus fixed so it also applies 10% xp boost to OSRS mode
-Donator ranks updated:
CONTRIBUTOR 2%, 60 seconds - $10
SPONSOR 5%, 45 seconds - $20
SUPPORTER 8%, 30 seconds - $30
DONATOR 12%, 15 seconds - $50
SUPER DONATOR 16%, 10 seconds - $75
EXTREME DONATOR 20%, No ::yell delay - $100
LEGENDARY Permanent Bravescape Membership (bonuses active without bond) - $200
UBER DONATOR ::bank command - $300
MAX DONATOR One Ultra Box per Month free - $500
-Added basic combat items to the donator store (Barrows, Whip etc)
-Added barrows item sets (Use them on bartender at home to redeem)
-Raids difficulty bonus fixed
-Fight cave teleport glitch fixed
-Fixed pest control notification
-Pest Control experience lowered
-Battlestaffs added to magic store
-Player helpers and above now receive access to the ::bank command using Control + B
-Melee combat experience slightly increased
-Added ::shops tele
-::coords tele fixed for mods as well
-Fight cave updates. It now displays not only the current round winner but a Bravescape champion with the most win total.
-Mining at donator zone resources increased
(Please note that these are all subject to change during Beta testing)
Announcements / Re: Update Log
« Last post by Cruel on March 23, 2020, 03:52:51 am »
Update Log 3/23
-Added mystery boxes and ultra boxes to slayer store
-Lowered Ultra boxes to 200 vote tickets
-Daily login fixed to go to your bank if your inventory is full
-Abyssal whip fixed to +82 slash and str. Frozen and Volcanic get +85
-Cosmetic fury upgrade now gives boosted stats
-Fishing & Cooking guide updated with Anglerfish level information
-Fixed well of goodwill message
-Dragonstone bolts (e), Karambwan and Anglerfish amount from raids common drops lowered
-Divine spirit shield added to Corporeal Beast drops
-Uncoded useless room at raids
-Added a 1/10 chance at getting 5 donator sticks upon completion of the Ultimate Skilling Challenge
-Changed how code works for entering Olm Room. Hopefully this will stop/cut down the wait time
-Fixed double spawning NPC's at raids
-Added bonus to Medium/Hard raids at end. Now if you raid on medium you get a +1 bonus and if you raid on hard you get a +2 bonus.
-Raid rolls changed to out of 100. Donator bonus changed to +2 and well of goodwill/server event bonus also changed to +3
-Avernic Defender lowered to 250k points in raid shop
-Added #market channel for selling items for server in discord. Dont forget you can also post on forums!
Guides / Bravescape Starter MiniGuide
« Last post by 0 on March 19, 2020, 07:22:51 pm »
New to the game? Don't know where to start? This mini guide will help you as a person who logged in for the first time.

First thing you want to do once you go though the tutorial is to ::refer (player's name) Example , ::refer cruelty
This already sets you up with an Ultra Box! Having a change to already get a rare items starting off , pretty cool right? You can also have your friends that you invite to refer you and you get 5 trading sticks that can be used in the donator shop , and 1 mystery box. 2 referrals can already get you free donator status in the game ! Your account is only limited to 5 referrals by the way. Now the next thing you want to know is where to get all the good items right? Even as a skiller you can get rare items easy ! you have 2 options that are really good as a beginner, Raids and Ultimate Skilling Game ! I will list the requirements you need to be able to play these 2 games. Raids are quicker and have a decent chance on getting good items , while the ultimate skilling game is guaranteed 2 rare items !

Raid: 75 Combat And At Least 43 Prayer

Ultimate Skilling Game:
43 Crafting
85 Mining
90 Smithing
82 Fishing
84 Cooking
80 Fletching
75 Thieving
75 Woodcutting
75 Firemaking


Announcements / Re: Server Events
« Last post by Cruel on March 14, 2020, 07:17:51 pm »
Oh no! The Corona Virus has been spotted in on our server!
What we know currently is that patient 0 has indeed been infected, and the disease transmits virally. That means the only way to stay clear is to completely quarantine yourself. There also may be a natural remedy available, however we aren't sure what that it yet without further testing. We do also know that wealthly players will be able to use ::cure to pay 5m and cure themselves of the virus.
Please note: There will not effect gameplay much, so enjoy the event and don't worry about staying clean/finding the cure ASAP. This is all for fun. On a serious note, Stay safe everyone, hopefully this can help provide some entertainment to those who are actually quarantining themselves.
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