Author Topic: Bravescape Starter MiniGuide  (Read 524 times)


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Bravescape Starter MiniGuide
« on: March 19, 2020, 07:22:51 pm »
New to the game? Don't know where to start? This mini guide will help you as a person who logged in for the first time.

First thing you want to do once you go though the tutorial is to ::refer (player's name) Example , ::refer cruelty
This already sets you up with an Ultra Box! Having a change to already get a rare items starting off , pretty cool right? You can also have your friends that you invite to refer you and you get 5 trading sticks that can be used in the donator shop , and 1 mystery box. 2 referrals can already get you free donator status in the game ! Your account is only limited to 5 referrals by the way. Now the next thing you want to know is where to get all the good items right? Even as a skiller you can get rare items easy ! you have 2 options that are really good as a beginner, Raids and Ultimate Skilling Game ! I will list the requirements you need to be able to play these 2 games. Raids are quicker and have a decent chance on getting good items , while the ultimate skilling game is guaranteed 2 rare items !

Raid: 75 Combat And At Least 43 Prayer

Ultimate Skilling Game:
43 Crafting
85 Mining
90 Smithing
82 Fishing
84 Cooking
80 Fletching
75 Thieving
75 Woodcutting
75 Firemaking


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